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Bali update...

As always, things go too fast over here. Already its only 3 days until we leave for Sumartra and as much as I cannot wait to get up there, I also want time to slow in this incredible place.

The waves have been smoking even if the $400 US flights from Brazil have put an extra 30000 of the ruthless 'surfers' in the water. Ironic as this sounds, all their planes must have been delayed or something as they were nowhere to be seen the for the days when the surf was up. ( Save a few chargers ) Luckily for them its small now, they have cleared customs and are teaming up with each other to make what should be fun, sometimes very miserable. I will never understand what snaking a person makes them feel like. Paddleing inside of you, while in the best position and waiting patiently for a wave and have them go too deep just to be on the inside, screaming understandable tones. Ruin the wave completely and get angry because of the wash I have paddled into their rude face. Then do it again...

Anyway, waves coming back up tomorrow so we might see how long they all had visa's for.

Mike has been out surfing, for most of his sober time here and ripping. Cant wait to see him and the other boys next week in Aura.

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